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161 Searching for a Job T09- Work and Working Conditions Iraqi play ipod
162 Purchasing Clothes for Children during the Holiday T10- Clothing Iraqi play ipod
163 Seeking Information about Living in Baghdad T01- City or Town - Geographic Area Iraqi play ipod
164 Getting a Loan to Buy a House; Financing a House T02- Finances (Banking, Economy) Iraqi play ipod
165 Iraq's Free and Open Use of Technology T03- Communications Iraqi play ipod
166 Iraqis in Jordan and Their Impact T04- Daily Life Iraqi play ipod
167 Marriages and Children in Iraq; Segregation between Sects and Religions T05- Family Life Iraqi play ipod
168 Educational System and Politics T06- Education Iraqi play ipod
169 Restaurants, Food and Food Culture in Iraq T07- Food and Drink Iraqi play ipod
170 Iraqi Market and Daily Necessities T08- Shopping Iraqi play ipod
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