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71 Courtesy Call to a Friend; Likely Visit for the Feast T01- City or Town - Geographic Area Iraqi play ipod
72 Opening an Account in an Iraqi Bank and Other Financial Issues T02- Finances (Banking, Economy) Iraqi play ipod
73 Society Today and the Problem of Brain Drain T04- Daily Life Iraqi play ipod
74 Food Preparation for the Feast, Religious Tradition and Special Food for the Occasion T07- Food and Drink Iraqi play ipod
75 Interview about Iraqi Family Life and the Social Cohesiveness of Its Members T05- Family Life Iraqi play ipod
76 School Systems, Teaching Jobs, and Teachers Status T06- Education Iraqi play ipod
77 Getting Ready for Wedding Ceremony; Food for the Celebration T08- Shopping Iraqi play ipod
78 Job Opportunities and Social Security T09- Work and Working Conditions Iraqi play ipod
79 Various Areas of Iraq and Clothing T10- Clothing Iraqi play ipod
80 Family's Return to Baghdad T01- City or Town - Geographic Area Iraqi play ipod
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